Two 1pm Tournament Start Times Tomorrow for LAPC


Take your pick of two LAPC tournaments tomorrow - and both kick off at 1pm

Try your hand at $1,100 Stud8 or the $350 Shootouts.

The Stud8 features 20,000 starting stacks, 40-minute Day 1 levels playing down to the final table. Day 2 restarts at 1pm, hour-long levels at the final table. Registration is open until 5:30pm for the 8-handed tournament paying 1-in-8 of the starting field.

Not a lot of tournament houses can offer the Shootout format - 8-handed tables where each table plays down to a winner - but when you’re the world’s largest poker room, yep, bring on the $350 Shootouts. 12,500 stacks, 8-max play, re-entries available as long as tables are being filled until 8pm

Registration is open until 8pm - with new tables being started at Level 1 as the tournament fills. All day 1 winners return Tuesday at 3pm and play to a winner

Event 36 - $1,100 Stud8 - Structure Sheet

Event 37 - $350 Shootout - Structure Sheet