Mega Jacked Stack for Myothein With 13 Left

DSC_0001 (1).jpg

LEVEL - 23    ANTE - 100000    BLINDS - x50000/100000    ENTRIES - 13/1062

Dastan Myothein was the early chipleader in Day 1A of the $100,000 Guaranteed $350 Jacked Stack II on Friday - first in the tournament to a 200,000 Jacked Stack.

Often in a big tournament, the early chipleader bleeds those chips off in latter levels and either mincashes or doesn’t make the money.

Then there’s Myothein - who just turned a boat to get all of the chips from the stack of Hector Alvarez to move to … are you ready for this … 10,800,000 of the 42,000,000 in play with 13 left in the final day of Jacked Stack II

$52,800 Up Top.