Castandea Cashes in on Men's Bluff in Jacked Stack II


JACKED STACK LEVEL - 19 ANTE - 30,000 BLINDS - 15000/300000 ENTRIES - 60/1062

There’s a BIG crowd in the second-floor Commerce Casino tournament area today with Day 2 of Jacked Stack II and players in the Twitter Exclusive on first break.

While helping keep the Day 2 area clear of players on break, I decided to watch a hand with Men Nguyen and Marcus Castaneda.

The board was K-K-7-4, three consecutive diamonds, and Castaneda was facing a 155,000 bet from Nguyen. He took his time before making the call.

River was 7 of hearts, two pair on the board now as well as the flush draw, and Castaneda checked to Nguyen, who made it 350,000 more to go. This caused Castaneda take a large amount of time to decide what to do, as if he opened the door of the tank, climbed in, cracked a cold beverage and sat back to watch a Netflix special.

He found a call and Nugyen simply said, “You’re good.”

Castaneda waited since he called, making Nguyen show or muck and up flipped Deuces.

Castaneda shows Ace-Jack of diamonds for the flush and scooped the pot to move to 1.35 million, with Nguyen sinking to 700,000.