There's Just Something About Another Player's Chips

I know we talked about this earlier in the week, but some players just cannot HELP themselves when it comes to counting down a stack, they just HAVE to push the dealer away and do it themselves.

I get it, IF they are your chips, but not when they belong to someone else .. and the LAST thing I’d say to a dealer after I grabbed an opponent’s stack is, “Don’t touch me.”

Enter the final two tables of the Short Deck NLH, one player doubles through another, the dealer struggles with the count for a moment, and not-in-the-hand player C grabs the chips, utters that phrase above and proceeds.

I would (most likely) not be responsible for my uncontrollable-at-that-moment left elbow, unless the TD had a say, which he does, so I’d lose, and well, yeah, I’d get a lap, probably, most likely.

C’mon, man, really …