Tank's Aces Get Rolled Over by McCaw's Queens


LEVEL - 17    ANTE - 5000    BLINDS - 3000/5000    REMAINING - 9/159

There’s a preflop betting challenge going on between David McCaw and Frank The Tank Lin on the very first hand of final-table action in the $240 Short Deck.

Lin eventually moves all in and McCaw calls off his 200,000 stack - Lin has his covered by what looks to be about 35,000.

Lin turns over Aces and is well ahead of the Queens of McCaw, especially since another player says K-Q was mucked.

Case Queen, meet the flop. Along with a King. There’s a Jack on the turn to give Lin outs to a Ten and remaining Aces.

Blank goes the river, 420,000 to McCaw, and Lin is left with 35,000 as players go on break.

When play resumes, action moves to the blinds and antes listed above for Level 17. In fact, cards are back in the air, McCaw yet to return from break.