So, What IS Crazy Pineapple HiLo?

5pm is Event 17 on the LAPC Schedule, the $240 Crazy Pineapple, and there’s been two primary questions today.

  1. Is it Hi/Lo? (Yes)

  2. What IS it?

Crazy Pineapple is a variant of Hold’em, beginning with each player dealt three cards. There’s a round of preflop betting, a round of betting on the flop, and then players still in the hand must discard one card.

The challenge with the discard after flop-bets is trying to figure out if your hand is strong enough to survive to the river. Is a made-hand on the flop vulnerable to the yuge combinations others may be drawing to?

Any combination of player cards and the board can be used to make the best Hi and Lo for each participant.

5pm start - $240 buy-in, 10,000 stacks, 20-min levels, 8-handed play, unlimited re-entry to the start of Level 7 at 7:15pm