Hands to Yourselves, Boys

PLO8 BLINDS - 600/1200    LIMITS - 1200/2400    ENTRIES - 48/137

I just witnessed something in a hand at a PLO8 table that made me stop the hand-writeup I was about to do and switch to a blog post such as the one you (hopefully) are about to read.

  • Player A is all-in preflop, Player B is also in, and Player C calls to put both at risk.

  • The hand plays out, there’s no low, Player A and Player B chop - and now the not-fun starts.

  • Player D - NOT in the hand, NOT involved in any way - grabs the chips of Player C and cuts out the amount to be shipped to the other two players. The dealer intervenes, but Player D - in a rather dismissive manner - continues as the self-imposed Table Boss and looks at the dealer and others at the table as though the dealer isn’t competent.

The dealer - in a very deliberate, proper and knowledgable manner - cut out each bet, showed the chips to the winning players, confirmed the amounts and shipped the proper chips to the proper stacks.

TableBoss just smirked in a way that showed a lack of self-recognition.

Moral of the story is this - there’s never a reason, folks, for you to grab the chips of another player unless the chips now belong to you as they’re being pushed across the felt to you.

If this player had grabbed my chips, well, let’s just say by cherub-like demeanor would have rapidly disappeared.

(Names of the players in this blog post were held to protect the innocent).