Early 6-Max Arrivals Looking for POTS

6-MAX LEVEL - 1    ANTE - 0    BLINDS - 25/50    ENTRIES - 64

Thu Anh Nguyen (pictured, top) and Chuanhao Zhang (bottom) each finished up Sunday night tournament play at the LAPC at about the same time.

Nguyen was walking off with a Remington as winner of the $240 KO Bounty and Zhang pocketing $26,888 for his 4th-place finish in the 1,719-entry $350 Great Wall of Chips.

They are both here today chasing more Player of the Series points, Remingtons and cash in the $350 NLH 6-max. Nguyen is currently 8th on the Overall Leaderboard, Zhang looking to crack the Top-50.

12,500 stacks, 30-min levels to the final table, 40’s at the FT, registration and a single re-entry per player available until 9:30pm when Level 9 begins.