Halfway to 💰

Day 1C LEVEL - 13    ANTE - 3000    BLINDS - 1500/3000    ENTRIES - Fewer Than 150/571

Day 1C is in the middle of #TheGrindIsReal time, with about one-half of the remaining field making the money later tonight.

72 get paid tonight, 46 move on to Sunday’s Day 2 Final Restart at 2pm, while those finishing 47-72nd cash for $399+$51 or $550 based on their finish place.

Day 1B is up to 363 entries midway through Level 6, with registration (and the single re-entry period) closing when Level 8 begins at 8:30pm.

717 entries the first two flights, 571 for Day 1C, more than 1,600 total.

That’s your LAPC By The Numbers in the Great Wall of Chips update