Anthony @pitesa39 Pitesa Wins Event #9 $350 PLO 8 or Better One Day After Finishing In 2nd Place

For a poker player that has a specific goal of winning a tournament outright, finishing in second place can almost feel like losing. Getting that close without collecting the trophy and seeing their name on top of the results sheet can create a fire inside of them to try and get back to a final table, get heads up, and accomplish their goal. For most players, however, it takes longer than 24 hours to get it done. This was not the case for Anthony Pitesa.

Pitesa got heads up in his first ever Omaha 8/Stud 8 Event last night, and although both players were interested in making a deal, neither was content with not taking home the trophy, so they played it out without a deal. David Brookshire was the beneficiary of that deal, and Pitesa had to settle for 2nd place. Not to be discouraged, Anthony came back today for the $350 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better tournament, another format he had never played, and defeated the 57 player field to take home 1st place, over $5k, and the trophy he had been longing for.

Pitesa is an example of what can happen when players venture outside of their comfort zone and try new variants of poker. Although the PLO tournament later today at 1pm is the last mixed event of this series, the LAPO and LAPC are sure to contain great opportunities to try out non No Limit Hold'em games. 

Congrats to Anthony on the win. A complete list of results from today's tournament can be found by clicking here