CPS Event #13 NLH Shootout $50,000 Guarantee Day 2 Info Featuring @KidDuke10, @TRZpoker

Inquiring minds, poker fans, Joey DeLuca, and Thomas Zanot all want to know….what is happening with Day 2 of the awesome overlay tournament put on by the Commerce Tournament staff? Here’s all the info one might need:

-25 players advanced to day 2 from 200 that played on day 1. 250 was the number to hit the guarantee, so Commerce added $10,000 to make sure that the guarantee is honored.

-Day 2 will remain a shootout format, and 5 tables of 5 will play down to 1 player, at which point the final table of 5 will again play down to 1 player, who will be declared the champion.

-All Day 2 players are in the money. Players will finish the tournament based on how far they advance at their day 2 table. The first player eliminated from each table will receive the same payout, as will the second and so on. Placement will not be affected by the sequence of eliminations from the other tables.

- Play will resume at 3pm

-Did we mention that Tom Zanot and Joey DeLuca both made day 2?

A complete list of day 2 qualifiers that includes redraw and payouts can be found by clicking here.