Poker Shootouts Today @CommerceCasino w/ @TheJustinHammer and @SavagePoker

Poker Hall of Fame Nominee Matt Savage is one of the most recognized names in poker. If he has any say in a series schedule, you can count on a variety of formats with a large selection of games to choose from. The Commerce Poker Series has been no different, and as we approach our Main Event, there is one more fading version of poker that we have on the schedule for today. It’s the Commerce version of the Shootout.

Many are familiar with shootout tournaments, but Matt and Justin have put their own twist on the format to make sure as many players as possible who enjoy it will get the opportunity to play. Since not all players in a Shootout need to start at the same time in order for it to work, Tuesday will be filled with as many sessions as we can get, with staggered starting times and a $50,000 guarantee. Whether you want to try once or multiple times to win your table, Tuesday will be one of the rare occasions when beating 7 other players advances you into day 2 of a tournament, as well as making the money.

”Most of the tournaments we run at Commerce will have limited re-entry, but Shootout tournaments happen so rarely that we really want to give players an opportunity to enjoy them as much and as often as they want to,” said Savage.

The tables will be 8 handed, and scheduled start times are at 12p, 2p, 4p, 6p, and 8p. The buy in will be $240, and the guarantee for the combined prize pools is $50,000. If you enjoy the format and want to see more tournaments like it, come down to Commerce Casino and give it a go. According to Tournament Coordinator Justin Hammer, “I’ll do my best to keep a variety of tournaments on the schedules, but as many locals know, September at Commerce is known as ‘The Overlay Series.’ It will be tough to keep running these types of tournaments if there isn’t enough participation.”

While you’re there, be sure to come say hello to Matt and Justin, and let them know of any other version of poker you’d like to see in the upcoming series. As the fans of the game Archie found out during the 2018 LAPC, it never hurts to ask.