Young Sik Eum Eliminated in 5th Place ($13,840)


Young Sik Eum raised from under the gun, and Chris Doan three bet from the small blind. It folded around to Eum, who shoved all in. Doan quickly called, and saw he was in great shape for the knockout. 

Doan: [Ac][Kh] 
Eum: [As][10c] 

The flop of [Qc][Jc][9d] promised plenty of action, as Eum picked up an open ended straight draw. The [8c] on the turn filled up that straight, but Doan was quick to point out he had the ace of clubs for the nut flush draw now. The river wasn't a club, but it was the [10h], giving Doan the broadway straight, and the win in the hand. 

This puts Doan firmly in second place behind Ben Chung, with Alan Saks and Adi Ben Ami now riding the short stacks.