Congratulations to Chris Doan, Winner of the $200,000 Guaranteed Event!


Chris Doan had grinded Adi Ben Ami down to just a few big blinds when Ben Ami shoved all in with [7d][6s]. Doan made the call with [8c][3h], and his hand would only improve as the board ran down [Ad][Qs][3c][8s][Jd], giving Doan the hand, and the title! 

For his efforts, Ben Ami will take home $33,660, but the night belongs to Chris Doan, who earns his second major title in just a few months here, after taking down the LA Poker Open Main Event late last year. Doan will take home the bear trophy, and a payout of $50,470. 

                                                                   ADI BEN AMI - 2ND PLACE

                                                                   ADI BEN AMI - 2ND PLACE

Congratulations to Doan, and thanks to everyone who played in this event! Extended coverage of the CSPC will pick back up again on Wednesday for the $1 Million Guaranteed Event. See you then!