Toby Lewis Makes Massive Call to Get to Seven Million

Toby Lewis raised it up from under the gun, and Dennis Blieden three bet it from the big blind. Lewis called, and the flop came down [8c][3h][2h]. Blieden led for 260,000, Lewis called, and the [10c] hit the turn. Blieden fired again for 350,000, and again, Lewis called. The [Kd] hit the river, and Blieden fired the third barrel of 785,000. Lewis thought for just a few moments before calling, and Blieden could only muster up [Qc][9s] for queen high. 

Lewis showed [5h][5s] for just a pair of fives, but it was good enough to scoop a massive pot, and make him a massive chip leader right now. 
Toby Lewis - 7,000,000
Dennis Blieden - 3,900,000