Peter Hengsakul Eliminated in 5th Place ($244,430)


After losing about half his stack to Derek Wolters on the previous hand, Peter Hengsakul three bet shoved all in from the big blind after a raise from Dennis Blieden. Blieden thought through one of his time extensions before deciding to call.

Hengsakul: [9h][8h]
Blieden: [Ah][7h] 

Blieden was in good shape to score the knockout before the flop, and his lead grew by leaps and bounds after the flop came [As][6h][4d]. Hengsakul would need runner runner now, but the  [6d] on the turn ended the hand. 

Just like that, we are down to the final four players. 

Dennis Blieden - 5,500,000
Peter Hengsakul - Eliminated