Player Profile: Shirley Rosario, Winner of the Mixed Omaha 8 Event


It’s been the series of the woman so far here at the 2018 LAPC, as two days ago, Shirley Rosario became the fourth woman to win a Remington Trophy. All of the wins came within a two week period, as Rosario was preceded by Carol Fuchs, Gina Hecht, and Dorsey Sangduan. Rosario is good friends with Fuchs and Hecht, and was happy to join them in the winner’s circle this series.

“I’m really excited about it because I’m really good friends with Gina and Carol so it’s great to see them do well. I’m really happy about them winning and me winning.”

Rosario told us after her victory in the Mixed Omaha 8-or-Better Event that she hadn’t been feeling well leading up to the tournament, and nearly skipped it. However, she knew there was no way she could miss out on a O-8 tournament, a game she calls one of her best.

“All of the games were hi-lo, and I’m pretty well versed at hi-lo, but I’m fairly new to pot limit. So that was a bit of a struggle figuring out how to work the pot and things like that. I would always choose to go into Limit but I think I picked it up pretty quickly. I know I have a lot to learn.”


Like Fuchs before her, Rosario praised Matt Savage, Justin Hammer, and the rest of the staff for putting together a schedule of tournaments that wasn’t just catered to the No-Limit Hold’em players.

“I think that Matt leads the way with that. Making sure the mixed game players are accommodated. I think he and the staff understands that poker is about more than No Limit and so I’ll always come and support tournaments like this.”

While Rosario is always a fixture at these Mixed Game tournaments, it seems like this year she has really elevated her game. This win was her fourth cash of the series, and she is in contention for the Mixed Game player of the series, currently sitting in 5th place. Rosario credits some extra work she did before the series as a key to her recent success.

“I was really studying and I was excited about this series. I was happy with my three cashes before this and this just adds to it. I hope to play as many mixed game events as I can and continue to do well. “

Keep an eye on our coverage throughout the rest of the series to see if a fifth woman will be raising some hardware soon. Congratulations again Shirley!