Two Double Ups for Yu

Shawn Yu is starting to mount a comeback in this heads up battle, as he has just won back-to-back double ups to get right back into it. On the first hand, Yu open shoved for his final 12 bigs, and Kirk Morrison called with [Ad][Js]. He was dominated by the [Jd][Jh] of Yu, and the jacks held up on the runout of [Kh][10d][2s][10s][8h]. 

Two hands later, Yu would limp on the button, and Morrison raised to 4,000. Yu called, and the flop came [Jd][8h][7c]. Morrison checked shoved on Yu, who snap called with [8s][7s] for bottom two pair. Morrison was in rough shape with [Ad][7h], and he wasn't able to come back, as the board finished out [Qh] and [5s].

Yu is now up to over 40,000, though he still trails the 70,000 of Morrison.