List of Winners From the 4 PM Shootout Session

Just like the 12 PM session, all of the tables in the 4 PM session wrapped up in just over five hours. Except for one table, which just finished up with Michael Ibarra winning. Headlining this group of players are last year's third place finisher at the LAPC Main Event, Jared Griener, along with three players looking for Remington #2 this series, Shawn Yu, Daniel Lawrence, and Brian Brubaker. Scroll down for a list of winners so far, and be sure to come back in the morning to find out who advances from the 8 PM session, which is just about to close registration. 

Brian Brubaker
Rigoberto Rodriguez
Liyingxue Ji
Jared Griener
Evan Sandberg
Daniel Lawrence
Lawrence Berg
Ronald Miller
Aram Zerounian
Alan Saks
Shawn Yu
Michael Ibarra