Player Profile: Dorsey Sangduan, Winner of the $100,000 Guaranteed Triple Stack


The day before Super Bowl Sunday, there was plenty of action here at the Commerce Casino, as Dorsey Sangduan took down the $100,000 Guaranteed Triple Stack Event. Sangduan beat out a final table that included Thu Nguyen, Marc Robinson, and Chester Burnett, amongst others. After the win, Sangduan, who had been very talkative throughout the final table, was virtually speechless.

“I feel so good. I’m so proud of myself. Every tournament here at Commerce I’ve been knocked out but today, I finally won. So proud of myself.”

Sangduan came into the final table as the chip leader, but her aggressive style backfired when she sent a big double up to Erich Karle. However, she was able to score a huge pot after that, and from there, she rolled. Sangduan continually put her opponents in tough positions with all in bets, and the rest of the table was having trouble reacting.

“Yes I was trying to be really aggressive and put pressure on them. This is only $350 buy-in so I decided to take a chance.”

In one of the craziest hands of the LAPC so far, Sangduan moved all in blind after a preflop raise, and was called right away by Thu Nguyen, who flopped top pair on a [9d][5d][4d] flop. However, Sanguan, who again, moved all in blind before the flop, tabled [Ad][Kd] for the nut flush, sending the table into a fury.


Not long after that, we were down to the final three players, and a deal was struck that saw Sangduan take home over $24,000. She said that this kind of result will allow her to play more events at this series, and maybe try a new game or two.

“Of course I’ll be playing more events because of this. I might play some Mixed Games we’ll see. I love Commerce, and I’m so proud of myself!”

Congratulations to Sangduan on her entertaining victory. We look forward to seeing you back again soon!