Player Profile: Gina Hecht, Winner of the $570 HORSE Event


Late last week, actress and part time player Gina Hecht took down one of the most prestigious mixed game tournaments on the LAPC schedule, the $570 HORSE Event. It took over four hours of heads up play to get it done as well. We caught up with Hecht after her victory, and she was ecstatic.

“It feels great. It feels terrific. It’s hard to win a tournament. I’ve placed in lots of tournaments some smaller some bigger. It feels really good. I’m very thrilled with this win.”

Hecht said that she feels confident in all of the games that are played in HORSE, and doesn’t think she really has a weak spot.

“Honestly I don’t think I have a weak game I thought about that coming in. I watched a lot of videos honing some of my games that I wasn’t as certain of as others.”

She also offered a couple basic rules that she has tried to abide by, and aspects that she felt helped her succeed today.

“I think it really comes down to hand selection and the discipline to let go when you know it’s not going to come through for you. When I came in my strategy was tight and aggressive. I stuck to my game.”

Hecht defeated a stacked final table that included 3-time WSOP bracelet winner Ian Johns, Alex Ferrari, Frank Lin, and Alan Myerson. At one point in the heads up battle, Hecht was down to just two big bets, but she refused to give up.


“I was really short at times and the amazing thing about Limit that the No-Limit players are starting to understand is that you never have to just go “screw it I have so few left”. If you know you’re beat and you can’t win save that bet for the next hand.”

Hecht also said that she has learned some lessons over the years, specifically about the differences between No-Limit and Limit games.

“I made folds that perhaps by the book I shouldn’t have but I said that extra bet is too important to put in. The bet I gain is less important than the bet I might lose. When I went from No-Limit to Limit that was something I paid attention to.”

Hecht was the second of three women to win Remington trophies just last week. Earlier in the week, her good friend Carol Fuchs took down the $570 Omaha 8 Event. Fuchs came over multiple times to sweat Hecht, who shared with us the funny story about how they met.

“Carol and I met playing poker over a decade ago. It was in this room when they had their WPT celebrity invitational. She was sitting to my left and a gal to my right was gorgeous didn’t know what she was doing. They got in a massive pot the flop came 5-3-2, and Carol bets out with pocket aces. The girl says “I don’t know, ok let’s go.” She had 6-4 off and flopped a straight. I don’t know Carol at this point at all. I turned to her thinking she’s another actress who doesn’t play much. I told her don’t go on tilt you’re really good don’t go on tilt, not realizing I was accidentally insulting her,” she said before letting out a loud laugh.

Hecht is back in the room today playing our $570 Stud 8 Event. Stay tuned to find out if she is able to make another final table run!