Thu Nguyen Eliminated in 5th Place ($6,950)


You can't make these hands up folks. Thu Nguyen has just been eliminated in one of the more bizarre hands we can ever remember seeing. After Nguyen limped on the button, Dorsey Sangduan raised it up. Nguyen called, and before the flop came out, Sangduan moved all in. The flop came [9d][7d][4d], and Nguyen quickly called with [10s][9h]. Sangduan cheered loudly, and slapped [Ad][Kd] down for the nut flush. Nguyen could only shake his head at the outcome, and he would be drawing dead by the turn. 

Here is how the final four players stand right now.

1. Dorsey Sangduan - 7,200,000
2. Erich Karle - 5,500,000
3. Eugene Goom - 1,800,000
4. Gabriel Habbaba - 1,500,000