Kevin French Eliminated in 8th Place ($3,860), Chester Burnett Eliminated in 7th Place ($4,820)


The final table has been defined by the wild play of chip leader Dorsey Sangduan, and that was perfectly displayed  in this latest massive final table hand. 

French started the action by moving all in for his final 300,000. Sangduan was a few seats over, and she moved all in over the top, having everyone at the table covered. It folded to Chester Burnett in the big blind, and as soon as he saw his hand, a pained look came across his face. He tanked for over two minutes before Sangduan called the clock. With five seconds left, he called all in for just under two million.

Sangduan: [Ac][8d]
French: [9c][9s]
Burnett: [Jh][Js] 

Burnett was in great shape to scoop a massive double up, but everything changed after the flop came down [As][Qc][10s]. Burnett now needed a jack or king to win, but the board finished out [4h] and [3h]. 


French will take home $3,860 for 8th, Burnett $4,820 for seventh, and Sangduan extends her chip lead over the rest of the table, with over six million in chips.