Jason Villard Eliminated in 9th Place ($2,900)


We had a flurry of action at the start of the final table that has seen a few double ups, and one bustout. The first big hand was Erich Karle scoring a massive double through former chip leader Dorsey Sangduan. A few hands later, Chester Burnett raised it up, and Jason Villard moved all in for 400,000. Thu Nguyen called next to act, and it folded to Sangduan, who moved all in over the top. Nguyen called for most of his stack, and the biggest pot of the tournament was played out. 

Sangduan: [Ad][Kd]
Nguyen: [10c][10d]
Villard: [9c][9d] 

Sangduan smashed the flop of [Ah][7d][5d], and neither player was able to hit their two outers from there.

Villard hits the rail in 9th, Nguyen is knocked all the way down to 300,000, and Sanguan is back up over three million.