Zachary Smiley Eliminated in 12th Place ($70,820)


Garrett Greer started the action with a raise to 40,000, and the fuse was lit. Manuel Martinez would come in for a reraise to 105,000. Next to act, Marc Macdonnell would four bet it to 260,000. In the big blind, Zachary Smiley would move all in for just a bit more. Greer and Martinez would both shake their heads as they folded, and Macdonnell called.

Smiley: [Kh][Ks]
Macdonnell: [Ad][Kd] 

The flop of [As][Qd][Jh] shot Macdonnell out to the lead, much to the chagrin of Smiley. The [Jd] on the turn meant that a non diamond ten would now chop it for Smiley, but the river ended up being a blank.

This gets us to just 11 players left. They are now taking their first break of the day.