Toby Lewis Leads the Final Six in the 2018 LAPC Main Event

Play has wrapped up in the Main Event for the day, and it is none other than British pro Toby Lewis who will come into tomorrow's final table in the pole position. He has a massive stack of 5,390,000. The only player even close to him is Dennis Blieden with 4,125,000, while no one else has over 1,700,000. 

Below you will see how the final six will be laid out tomorrow. The action will pick back up tomorrow at 4 PM, where one player will be walking away with a cool $1 Million. 

Seat 1. Peter Hengsakul - 1,065,000 (36 bb)
Seat 2. Marc Macdonnell - 1,695,000 (57 bb)
Seat 3. Dennis Blieden - 4,125,000 (138 bb)
Seat 4. Manuel Martinez - 985,000 (33 bb)
Seat 5. Toby Lewis - 5,390,000 (180 bb)
Seat 6. Derek Wolters - 1,520,000 (51 bb)

Be sure to stay tune for more updates from the $25,000 High Roller Final Table, which is currently down to four players.