Sam Panzica Eliminated in 4th Place ($131,000)


Sam Panzica raised on the button, and Nick Petrangelo defended his big blind. The flop came down [Ad][10d][5d], and Petrangelo checked to Panzica, who continued for 55,000. Petrangelo check raised to 150,000, and Panzica moved all in. Petrangelo rechecked his cards, then made the call. 

Petrangelo: [6d][4d]
Panzica: [Jd][Jc] 

Petrangelo flopped the flush, but he would still have to avoid another diamond to earn the hand. Both players were virtually even in chips, with Petrangelo holding just a bit more. The board would finish out with two low black cards, [4s] and [3c], and Petrangelo's flush held.

This leaves us three handed. Alex Foxen still has a comfortable lead with 2,400,000, but Maria Ho and Petrangelo have chips to battle him with now, as both have around 1,200,000.