MAIN EVENT: Greg Paryani Eliminated in 7th Place ($143,740)


Down at the Main Event, we have just reached the final TV table of six players. We will post exact counts for the final six shortly, but in the meantime, it's Greg Paryani who just missed out on the big stage. 

Action started with Toby Lewis limping from early position. Paryani limped in the button, and Dennis Blieden checked his option in the big blind. The flop came down [Qs][9h][8s], and Blieden checked to Lewis, who bet 65,000. Paryani raised to 180,000, and Blieden ducked out of the way.

Lewis three bet shoved, and Paryani quickly called with [Qc][9c] for top two pair. He would see the bad news shortly though, as Lewis held [8h][8d] for bottom set. Paryani would need another queen or nine now, but the board finished out with a king and ace, giving the pot, and the final table chip lead, to Lewis.