HIGH ROLLER: Isaac Baron Eliminated in 6th Place ($71,375)


Back to the High Roller final table, we have our first elimination of the day, and it is the short stack to start the day Isaac Baron. He was knocked out by chip leader Alex Foxen.

Action started with Foxen raising to 45,000 in late position. Isaac Baron defended his big blind, and the flop came down [8c][7s][4s]. Both players checked, and the [Jh] hit the turn. Baron check called a bet of 65,000 from Foxen, and the [3s] completed the board.

Foxen bet enough to put Baron all in, who used two of his time chips before calling. Foxen rolled over [As][Jd], and it was better than the King-Eight of Baron.

With five left, Foxen has about 40% of the chips in play.