Garrett Greer Eliminated in 11th Place ($70,820)


Garrett Greer had one foot out the door earlier when he got his chips in preflop holding pocket sixes to the pocket sevens of Marc Macdonnell. However, the board brought out a higher two pair, leading to a chop pot. A few hands later though, Macdonnell would finish him off for good.

Greer shoved his final 200,000 in preflop holding [Ac][4s], and he was up against the [Ks][Qh] of Macdonnell. The flop of [Ad][10c][9s] shot Greer out to the lead, but just as quickly, he was drawing dead, as the [Js] hit the turn. 

That leaves us with just ten players, meaning we are one elimination away from the unofficial final table of nine.