Congratulations to Alex Foxen, Winner of the $25,000 High Roller Event!


From the start of the final table, this event felt like Alex Foxen's to lose, and he certainly ceased his moment, dominating the final table on his way to a $424,625 victory. Here's how the final hand went down. 

Foxen raised it up to 65,000, and Petrangelo called to see a flop of [10d][6c][8h] come down. Both players checked, and the turn brought the [4h]. Petrangelo fired 65,000, Foxen called, and the [2c] came on the river. Petrangelo checked this time, and Foxen moved all in after using one of his time chips. Petrangelo went through one of his time bank chips as well before dropping in a chip for the call.

Foxen: [6d][2d]
Petrangelo: [Ks][4c]


Foxen's two pair was good against the one pair of Petrangelo, who will take home $283,250. However, the night belongs to Alex Foxen, who will take home the Remington Trophy, a Hublot watch, and the title of LAPC High Roller Champion. Congratulations Alex!