Anthony Zinno Eliminated in 8th Place ($112,180)


Anthony Zinno will have to settle for a second final table appearance here at the LAPC rather than a second title, as he was just eliminated in 8th place. 

Action started with Zinno raising to 60,000 preflop. Dennis Blieden defended his big blind, and the flop came down [7s][7d][3h]. Blieden checked to Zinno, who fired 75,000. Blieden check raised to 178,000, and after some though, Zinno moved all in for his final 850,000.

Blieden beat him into the pot with [Ad][7h] for trip sevens, and Zinno was drawing all but dead with [As][3s]. Zinno would need runner runner to survive, but the [Jd] on the turn ended things.

That leaves us with just seven players now. With one more elimination, the final six will be set.