Aaron Kaiser Eliminated in 9th Place ($88,590)

Derek Wolters raised to 50,000 from under the gun, and it folded around to chip leader Dennis Blieden, who reraised to 163,000. Next to act, Aaron Kaiser thought through one of his time bank chips before he moved all in for about 525,000. It folded to Toby Lewis in the big blind, who glanced down at his hand, and called just before his first 30 seconds were up. 

Macdonnell quickly folded, and Blieden thought for a bit before calling. The flop came down [7s][5s][5h], and Lewis bet out 550,000. Blieden folded after about 20 seconds of thought, and Lewis quickly rolled over [Ad][Ah]. Kaiser showed [Ac][Kc], and he was drawing dead after the [4s] turn.

This gets us to our official final table of eight. When we lose two more players, we will be done for the day in the Main Event.