Congratulations to Michael Lind, Winner of the $10,000 Turbo High Roller!


After trading all ins back and forth, we finally had an all in confrontation. Rainer Kempe moved all in holding [Qc][8c], and Michael Lind called him with [As][Jc]. The flop of [Jd][8d][4s] left Kempe drawing thin, and though he would pick up some more outs on the [10c] turn, the [8d] completed the board. 

The German high roller regular will take home $78,640, but the night belongs to Michael Lind. He will take home $117,950, and the Remington Trophy. Congratulations to Lind on his victory. 

See you guys tomorrow for Day 4 of the Main Event, and the start of the $25,000 High Roller.