Two Double Ups on the High Roller Bubble

It has been a lengthy bubble given the fast structure in the High Roller, but it isn't for a lack of action. After getting unlucky earlier in the bubble, it was Michael Lind's turn to get lucky. He was all in preflop holding [Ad][3h] against the [Ac][6d] of Tomer Daniel. Both players would pair their kickers on the [8s][6c][3s] flop, leaving Daniel firmly in the lead. The [Kd] on the turn changed nothing, but the [3c] river changed everything. Everyone at the table audibly reacted to the river suckout, as it meant the bubble would be still be on.

A few hands later, Alex Foxen committed nearly all of his short stack from under the gun, and from the big blind, Rainer Kempe would set him all in with [Qd][7d]. Foxen was behind with [Jd][4d], but he took the lead on the flop of [4h][2h][2s]. Neither player improved from there, giving Foxen the double to 100,000, while Kempe is still comfortably in the chip lead. 

We play on five handed!