Tran Doubles Through Kenney, Updated Counts on Break

Bryn Kenney raised it up from early position, and from the big blind, JC Tran moved all in for his final 56,000. Kenney called with [9s][8s], and he was very much live against the [Ah][4h] of Tran. Kenney tok a slight lead without pairing up on the [6s][6c][2s] flop, as any spade would work for him now as well. He picked up a few more outs with the [5c] turn, but it ended up being too many outs, as the [10d] completed the board. 

Here is how the final six stand as they head to break. 

Chris Kostoulas - 690,000
Nipun Java - 510,000
Tim Reilly - 505,000
Bryn Kenney - 145,000
Qinghai Pan - 125,000
Jc Tran - 115,000