Tomer Daniel Eliminated on the Bubble


After a flurry of all ins and double ups, it was Tomer Daniel who was one of the big stacks with six left, who ended up being the bubble boy. He would get his final chips in preflop holding [Ac][10h], and he was flipping against the [9c][9s] of Rainer Kempe. The board ran down [8d][4c][2s][3h][8h], and the nines held for Kempe to get us to the money.

After the bustout, we saw quite an incredible gesture from Michael Lind and Paul Domb. Both players were trying to arrange for the bubble to be paid $10,000 before it burst, but every time they brought it up, the proposal was shot down by another player. After Daniel busted, Lind and Domb both agreed to give Daniel $5,000 so that he would walk away with his buy-in of $10,000 back. 

This means we are now in the money. Here is how the final four stack up right now, with the blinds at 10,000-20,000. 

Rainer Kempe - 410,000
Michael Lind - 215,000
Paul Domb - 100,000
Alex Foxen - 70,000