The Bubble Has Burst in the Main Event

After nearly a half hour of bubble play, we have reached the final 62 players, meaning everyone is now $16,640 richer! The unlucky bubble girl in this case was Maria Konnikova, and she got rather unlucky to bust before the money. After a raise to 10,000 on the button from Konnikova, Ben Zamani reraised to 59,000 from the big blind. Konnikova shoved all in for 97,000 with pocket jacks, and Zamani made the call with Ace-Five. The flop gave Zamani an inside straight draw, and he was able to hit it right on the turn to leave Konnikova drawing dead to a chop. A third jack on the river was too little too late for Konnikova, as she was knocked out. 

The remaining 62 players are now in the money.