Reilly Leaves Tran with Fumes

TIm Reilly and JC Tran got it all in preflop with nearly even stacks. Reilly held [Kd][10d], while Tran had [9s][9c]. Tran's nines held on the flop of [7c][7h][5s], but the [Kh] on the turn flipped the lead. The [2h] completed the board, and Reilly scored a big double to over 400,000.

Tran had just 9,000 after that hand, but he is on the comeback trail. He just tripled up, then doubled that up when he woke up with pocket kings, and Qinghai Pan made a pot committed call from the big blind. Tran is now back up to over 100,000, which is still just five big blinds.