Double Knockout in the High Roller Event

We walked over to the High Roller table on the other side of the room just in time to see a double knockout. After Olivier Busquet was knocked out in 9th place, Behzad Teranie moved all in preflop. It folded around to Omar Zazay, and he moved all in for less. Action went around to Michael Lind in the big blind, and he called, having both players covered. 

Lind: [10d][10s]
Teranie: [Ac][8h] 
Zazay: [As][Qs] 

The hand was all but over after the flop came [10h][9s][4h]. The [Ks] on the turn did give Zazay a bunch of new outs, but the [9c] on the river wasn't one of them. 

Lind is now up with Rainer Kempe for the chip lead with 240,000, and they are just two eliminations from the money over there.