Congratulations to Chris Kostoulas, Winner of the $2,140 Six Max Event


After five handed play lasted over four hours, the rest of the tournament was finished in the span of about ten minutes. Heads up play lasted for just one or two hands before JC Tran was all in and in great shape holding [Ah][Kd]. He was dominating the [Ad][9s] of Chris Kostoulas, but the flop of [9d][7s][6c] shot Kostoulas out into the lead. The board finished out [3h] and [9c], and Kostoulas made unnecessary trips to win the hand, and the tournament. 

For his efforts, Kostoulas will take home $57,935, a career high score for him, while Tran will settle for $37,640. Congratulations to both players on their finishes, and thanks for playing the event!