Two Eliminations in Each of Our Restarts

We mentioned before that Rep Porter was quickly eliminated in the 2-7 Single Draw final. Well just a few hands later, Lawrence Berg joined him on the rail in third place, meaning we are heads up between the two big stacks to start the day: Randy Ohel and David Eichhorn.

Over in the Escalator Event, they were six handed for over two hours before there were two eliminations in quick succession. First, Alexander Orlov hit the rail in 6th place. Orlov started the final table as one of the leaders, but took a big hit early and was a short stack throughout. A few hands later, Jared Griener would get it in preflop with a mid ace, but he was dominated by the pocket kings of Ophir Atar.

They are now four handed there, with Atar holding a slight chip lead.