Player Profile: Keith Morrow, Winner of the $1 Million Guaranteed


In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday night, the biggest prize of the 2018 LAPC was handed out to three people: Keith Morrow, Anuj Agarual, and Evan Sandberg. Those three chopped the $1 Million Guaranteed evenly, all taking home $169,700. Morrow was the chip leader at the time, so he was giving the trophy, and the victory.

“I’m pretty ecstatic the way the day played out. It was a long day, 15 hours. I came into the day with 640,000 and feeling good. At first break I was at 700,000 and 20 minutes after I was down to 80,000. But I kept it together said let’s get a couple doubles and see what happens. Blessed the way the cards came. I’m really happy but exhausted.”

Morrow came into the final table as one of the big stacks, but dropped down a bit at first before his first major all in pot went his way. He then got lucky in a huge pot to double, and from there, it was smooth sailing.

“I was probably top three to start was card dead for the first couple levels folded and limped down from 9 million to 6 million. Then I picked up a big hand Ace-Eight suited and trapped one. I was all in later with a jack high flush draw and straight draw and was drawing slim but got lucky.”

Morrow told us that he’s been in the zone recently. Morrow won an event in Florida in January, and final tabled another event at the Venetian earlier this month. Morrow said that his good fortunate has been the perfect storm of a number of things.


“Definitely a bit of both playing well and running well. I’ve been slowing things down and I told the guy in Florida just trying to focus, have that tunnel vision, and run well.”

This tournament was one of the few this series that has used the Big Blind Ante. The structure has received rave reviews from nearly everyone who has played it, and you can put Murrow into that former company.

“The first time I big blind ante was a month ago at the Wynn in a Survivor tournament. I had never seen it I loved it there. I think it’s a great idea it balances out. A lot of short stacked people say they don’t like it but when you work it out it usually works in their favor.”

As far as how the biggest score of his career will change his plans for the future, Morrow said that you can guarantee that he’ll be at one big event coming up.

“I was debating about the Main Event here so I’ll definitely play now. I’ll take a few days off and get ready for it.”

Good luck to Morrow in the Main Event, and congratulations to all three players on their biggest career cashes.