Yukiko Ogasawara Eliminated in 3rd Place ($12,940)


All three players saw a flop of [Kd][Qc][3d]. It checked to the button Jesse Vilchez, who was the preflop raiser. He bet 35,000, and Yukiko Ogasawara bumped it up to 75,000. Deepinder Singh reraised it to 175,000, and Vilchez quickly folded. Ogasawara didn't take long to move all in, and Singh took even less time to call.

Ogasawara: [Ks][10h]
Singh: [Qh][3h] 

Ogasawara flopped top pair, but she was well behind the bottom two pair of Singh. The [3c] on the turn gave Singh a full house, but a king would still work for Ogasawara. A deuce came instead, and she hit the payout desk in third.

This gets us heads up between Singh and Vilchez. We could be in for a long battle here. With the blinds at just 6,000-12,000, Singh has 1,100,000, while VIlchez has a healthy 710,000.