Vilchez Spikes River in Biggest Pot of Tournament

Action started with Yukiko Ogasawara raising to 11,000. Deepinder Singh reraised to 28,000. It folded to Jesse Vilchez in the big blind, and he four bet to 92,000. Ogasawara folded, but Singh called to see the flop of [Jd][5s][2d]. Vilchez continued for 58,000, Singh called, and the [Kh] hit the turn.

Vilchez thought for about 30 seconds beofre moving all in for 187,000. Singh got the count, thought for a bit, then made the call.

Singh: [Kc][Qh]
Vilchez: [As][2s]

Singh had turned the best hand, but he wasn't able to hold the lead, as the [2h] came on the river to give Vilchez trip deuces. He doubles up into the lead with over 725,000, while Singh plummets down to 135,000.

Here is how the rest of the stacks shake out right now. 

Jesse Yaginuma - 380,000
Straton Wilhelm - 215,000
Alan Myerson - 170,000
Yukiko Ogasawara - 190,000