Two Double Ups in the $100,000 Final Table

We have two double ups to pass along from the still eight handed battle in the $1,100 No-Limit Event today. First, Scott Stewart and Alan Myerson were heads up on the turn of a board reading [Jh][9d][8s][Ks]. Myerson check called a bet of 21,000 from Stewart, and the scary looking [10s] completed the board. Myerson checked again, and Stewart got a good look at Myerson's stack before moving all in. It didn't take Myerson long to stack his chips and send them in, and Stewart could only muster up [10h][4h] for a pair of tens. 

Myerson showed [Kc][Qs] for a straight, and he he doubled up to 250,000, while Stewart is now the short stack with 45,000. Not long after that, Yukiko Ogasawara three bet shoved all in holding [Ad][10s], and was ahead of the [Kc][Qs] of Straton Wilhelm. Ogasawara flopped top two pair, and turn a full house, leaving Wilhelm drawing dead.