Ogasawara Doubles Through Wilhelm, Who Doubles After That

After a raise to 16,000 from Straton Wilhelm, Yukiko Ogasawara moved all in for her final 67,000. Wilhelm tanked for a bit before calling, and the cards were flipped.

Wilhelm: [Qs][Js]
Ogasawara:  [As][10c] 

The flop of [Ac][Kd][7s] meant that Wilhelm would only win with a ten or running spades, but neither of those outcomes came.

Ogasawara doubled up to over 140,000, while Wilhelm fell to the short stack. Two hands later, he would get that stack in with [Ac][Kh], and he was dominating the [As][9h]. The flop of [Js][10s][7c] gave both players straight draws, but the [9d] on the turn paired Vilchez, leaving Wilhelm drawing slim. However, slim hit this time as the [Qs] came to give Wilhelm the winning straight. 

Vilchez is still the chip leader, while Wilhelm is still one of the short stacks.