Jesse Yaginuma Eliminated in 5th Place ($6,020)


It was a brutal final 30 minutes for the most accomplished player left in the field, Jesse Yaginuma, as he went from second in chips to out thanks to three rough hands. First, he put Yukiko Ogasawara to the test holding [Jh][Jd] against the [Ac][Qh] of Ogasawara. The flop of [9c][6c][5c] gave Ogasawara a flush draw, but the [3d] on the turn didn't help. The [Jc] completed the board, and at first, Ogasawara thought she had lost. She starte to get up, before the rest of the players pointed out the flush to her.

This cost Yaginuma about a third of his stack. He would lose most of that in a hand against Alan Myerson, where once again, Yaginuma saw a bad runout come. Myerson was all in preflop holding [Ac][Qs], and he was dominated by the [Ad][Kc] of Yaginuma. The flop of [Jd][5h][3d] was clean, but the [Qc] on the turn changed everything. An ace completed the board, and Yaginuma lost most of his chips.

Yaginuma would lose his final chips to Ogasawara, and took all the beats in stride, wishing the table luck as he hit the payout desk in fifth.