Player Profile: Peter Neff, Winner of the $1,100 Heads Up


It’s a good time to be Peter Neff right now. Neff is largely known for his 5th place finish on the televised final table of the LAPC Main Event in 2015, but Neff is making new waves this series with his impeccable play, and incredible results. Last night, Neff won the $1,100 Heads Up, which was amazingly, his third victory here in as many weeks. Neff was quite understated about his incredible accomplishment shortly after the win.

“Yeah I’ve been running pretty well. It helps to get matched up well and run well in every heads up match basically.”

Neff made it look easy all day long, as he went a perfect 6-0, failing to drop a single match. While today was smooth, Neff was quick to point out that the first day wasn’t the same.

“Today was smooth sailing yesterday there were a couple matches. The last match (vs. Jordyn Miller) was particularly tough. That one went the full 3. Today I didn’t lose a single match. Went 6-0 today so that wasn’t too bad.”


Perhaps the most impressive part of Neff’s torrid start to this series is that his three wins have come in three different formats: Pot-Limit Omaha, HORSE, and now No-Limit Hold’em. On top of that, Neff started the series with a 3rd place finish in a fourth different format, Omaha 8-or-Better. Despite this diversity, Neff says he doesn’t put too much thought or credit into it.

“I find it weird when people try to classify you into one particular game. I’ve been playing poker for 14 years now and I’ve played a handful of different games. I’ve seen every game and it’s not too different when you are playing one game to the next. I feel like I have too tough of a problem transition from one to the next.”

With the win, Neff has now placed a stranglehold on the Player of the Series race, where Craig Chait is the only other player close to contending with him. Even with over a month left in the series, it’s hard to imagine anyone will be catching Neff, who was all smiles when talking about the POTS race.

“I came into this series kind of curious to see how it would shake out. I wanted to play a good amount but wasn’t sure how much. Obviously I was hoping to do well but I’ve obviously exceeded expectations so far.”

He continued, “It would be cool. It gives me a bit of an advantage to play so many events but there’s a handful of people who are playing everything so it’s pretty cool to stack yourself up against some of the best in LA and see who comes out on top at the end of the six weeks.”

Be sure to stay tuned to find out what event Neff will be winning next week!