The Final Three Chop it Evenly, Keith Morrow Takes the Trophy


The final three players decided to take a look at the numbers, and when the chips were counted out, the three saw they were fairly even. Keith Morrow had the chip lead with 16,925,000, Evan Sandberg had 15,000,000 even, and Anuj Agarual was the "short stack" with 14,075,000, good enough for 70 big blinds still. 

While the staff was looking at the numbers for a chip chop, a proposal was made that they chop it evenly three ways, with Morrow taking home the trophy. All three players agreed, and the deal was made! Agarual and Sandberg will both take home $169,700, while Morrow will earn $169,705, and the Remington trophy.


It was the biggest career cash for all three players. Congratulations to all of them on their impressive finishes, and thank you to everyone who has stay tuned to our coverage all night long. Good night!